The highlight of a MACAMPAO package.


Dining is part and the highlight of a MACAMPAO package.

Enjoy fresh catch fish, shells, crabs, shrimps, prawns from the fishpond and the river. Feast on the famous Bagnet and Longganisa produced by our neighboring town. Savor the sweetness of freshly harvested local vegetables. Stay fit with our locally produced pink and purple rice. Indulge on fresh fruits especially our insanely sweet mangoes for dessert. Refresh with our mango shakes, calamansi juice, and more. Plus, experience catching your own meal! Large Tilapias, Bangus, Aliso, and Kitang can be caught at the fishponds in the resort. Bountiful fruit bearing trees are planted all around for guests to enjoy whatever is in season. And the farm is just nearby if one wants to immerse into a farmer’s life.

** Fish caught and fruits picked which will not be consumed in the resort will be charged per kilo.

Sample Menu


Scrambled Eggs | Salted Egg with Tomato | Boiled Okra, Kamote Tops and Eggplant with Bagoong | Chicken Arroz Caldo | Longganisa | Daing na Bangus | Steamed Pink Rice | Fresh Fruits


Sea Weeds with Indian Mango and Tomato | Mixed native vegetables with shrimp | Chicken Tinola | Grilled Bangus | Bagnet | Steamed Purple Rice | Fresh Fruits


Turon with Mango Sauce | Ginataang Halo-halo | Boiled Native Corn | Pinoy Nachos


Seafood and Vegetable Tempura | Barisara Shells with tomato, onion, cheese and olive oil | Sesame Coated Chicken BBQ | Steamed Tilapia | Curacha with Sweet Chili Garlic Sauce | Steamed Purple Rice | Fresh Fruits