Our Produce

All natural from our resort.


Zambales is known as a producer of sweet mangoes in the Philippines. Ours has been one of a kind and sought for.

In order to produce quality mangoes, expert technicians monitor the trees and each fruit is individually wrapped to avoid insect bites while at its growth period. Mangoes are selectively harvested at the right age, usually 120 days from day of full bloom. Unlike other sellers in the market, no chemicals, like Calcium Carbide (kalburo), are added. The ripening process is all-natural in order to produce exceptionally sweet mangoes.

From our trees straight to our friends.


Rice will always be a staple food in the Filipino diet. In our quest to offer quality meals to our esteemed guests, we ventured on producing healthier varieties of rice. Thru the help of the Department of Agriculture, we were able to produce strains of the Black and the Red Rice. Since the outcome was lighter in color and softer in texture when cooked, we named them the Purple Rice and the Pink Rice.

A healthier option that is not far from our favorite white rice.


Our fish is the pride of our resort.

Unlike other commercial fishponds, we grow them as natural as possible. No overstocking. No bulk harvesting. Just huge sweet, tasty and meaty fish for all of us to enjoy.